Makeup and Eye Contact Lenses

  • Put your contact lenses on before applying makeup.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contacts, to avoid transference any oils, creams or lotions to the lenses.

  • Use only non-allergenic makeup. Almay and Clinique are some brands which have eye-friendly products.

  • Cream eye shadow is less likely to get in your eye than powder. But creams can irritate your eyes more if they do make it into your eyes. Choose water-based rather than oil-based creams.If you prefer powder, keep your eyes closed during application. Then, brush off any excess powder before opening your eye.

  • Keep all nail polish remover and perfumes away from your contacts. Let’s separate eyesight facts from fiction. Knowing how to take good care of your eyes is the first step to protecting your sight for a lifetime

  • Never apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye. Apply eyeliner only on the portion of your lashes that is well away from your eye.

  • To remove eye makeup, wash and dry your hands. Then remove your contacts, being careful not to bump them into any makeup. Finally, use your eye makeup remover.

  • Replace your eye makeup frequently – at least every three months. Don’t use old eye makeup, because over time bacteria will get into the product and then into your eyes, where it can cause an infection. One way to tell if your makeup is too old is if it smells funny. Also, don’t share your eye makeup with others.

  • Don’t use waterproof mascara as it may permanently adhere to the lens. Also avoid mascara that contains volume building fibers. Don’t use hairspray or other aerosols if you have already put in your lenses. Allow all hairspray to settle before walking into a room that has just been sprayed. Many times hair products can irritate the eyes and they are more susceptible now to problems because you wear contacts.