HD Vision Lasik iDesign Refractive Studio HDV 2.0 - Best Technology for Eye Surgery or Sepc Removal

HDV LASIK IDESIGN Refractive Studio

Latest Revolution in Spectacles Removal treatment

Beyond Contoura vision, Beyond SMILE

Going with the tradition of BEH, we are proud to bring world’s most latest technology, for spectacles removal, first in North India and only second in India It is a new revolution in laser vision correction which offers “High Definition vision with Idesign2.0 Refractive studio” from Abott by Johnson & Johnson, USA This technology was lauched in June 2018. The same technology was used to build NASA’s new James web space telescope, which allows high definition views of space. Because of itsnew and better features as well as the most trusted brand, it is became very popular with the leading refractive surgeons in the US and is now being adopted by other major refractive centers in the world.

Highlights of this technology

It is the only system in the world to use “combination of Topo integrated and wavefront guided technology ” for correcting all imperfection of the eye. It analyses entire eye inside and out for a truly personalized treatment.

Another first for this technology is that it is the only FDA approved treatment for presbyopia monovision correction in myopes.

It is the only technology with customized vision to use IRIS registration software for compensating for eye rotation in supine position during surgery. Only than the imperfections which are recorded can be treated in most accurate manner and giving sharpest possible vision in every patient

This is most tissue saving customized technology available which leads to treatment of high numbers with more safety

It is 25 times more precise than other systems by collecting thousands of points from corneal (outer) and other ocular (internal) structures of eye.