Latests News on Idesign 2.0 which proves it is Better Latest than Contoura Vision

IDesign refractive studio is World's only LASER Technology used in NASA JAMES WEB TELESCOPE and present World Wide 41 Country

Best results of idesign refractive studio 2.0 presented at world's most advanced Recent America's (ASCRS 2023) conference

Bansal Eye Hospital Introduces SILK, Redefines Laser Vision Correction In North India

Discover the Future of Clear Vision with SILK, the next generation of Laser Vision Correction, is the latest and most advanced Laser Vision Correction launched in Ambala (for the first time in north India) by Bansal Eye Hospital (BEH). 

IDesign refractive studio #Technical details by JNJ Vision USA
#World's first & only inside + outside technology #Artificial intelligence

Welcome to Bansal Eye Hospital

“The Bansal Eye Hospital is recognized hospital for patient care, vision research and physician education .Our State-of-The-Art Facility is oriented towards providing patient friendly care. Our renowned physicians and clinical team possess the clinical and surgical expertise to provide consultations and medical surgical care for complex ophthalmic problems.”

Latest Revolution in Spectacles Removal treatment

……Beyond Contoura vision, Beyond SMILE

Going with the tradition of BEH, we are proud to bring world’s most latest technology, for spectacles removal, first in North India and only second in India It is a new revolution in laser vision correction which offers “High Definition vision with Idesign2.0 Refractive studio” from Abott by Johnson & Johnson, USA This technology was lauched in June 2018.

iDesign Refractive Studio


by Johnson & Johnson, USA

FDA Approved

CONTOURA Vision ( Topography Guided Lasik) = Specs Power + Corneal Irregularities + Visual Axis Treatment

What is CONTOURA Vision?

Contoura Is a Popular Technology for specs removal which use Topography Guided Lasik laser in which Corneal Irregularities are corrected along with Specs power leading to Customised clearer Vision . This Technology got launched and FDA Approval in 2015.

Contoura Vision, is the latest advancement in specs removal which correct imperfections in the Eye/ cornea in addition to correcting specs power, resulting in a 30-40% sharper vision, which is not possible with any of the other LASIK or Smile procedure.

Best Rated Eye Hospital By Haryana Government Employees.

Welcome to Bansal Eye Hospital. BEH is the pioneer eye hospital in North India and one of the Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh. Bansal Eye Hospital is empanelled with Haryana Government for ESIC  and also for CGHS, ECHS.
We offer treatments and surgeries like Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Specs Removal Surgery, C3R Surgery, Cataract (Safed Motia or Motiabind) Surgery, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma (kala motia) and other eye related treatment and surgery

Why Bansal Eye Hospital?

  • Complete eye care solution
  • Super spaciality eye care services
  • Professional Team of doctors PGI Chandīgarh,
  • Full time retina , cornea specialist
  • Cashless/ Hassle-free Reimbursement
  • Dedicate in personalize care

SILK: Redefining Vision Correction.

Discover the Future of Clear Vision with SILK
In the realm of revolutionary refractive laser procedures, SILK takes center stage as a groundbreaking innovation developed by Johnson & Johnson Vision, USA. It represents a significant leap in FLAP-LESS Laser Vision Correction technology, offering a fresh perspective on vision enhancement. SILK is a powerful solution designed to effectively address myopia (nearsightedness) up to -8.00 diopters and astigmatism up to -3.00 diopters, making it a game-changer for individuals seeking liberation from the constraints of glasses or contact lenses. This article dives deep into the world of SILK, exploring its cutting-edge technology, unparalleled advantages, and suitability for those yearning for clear vision and enhanced eye comfort.


Why iDesign Refractive Studio(HDV)

  • It is the only system in the world to use “combination of Topo integrated and wavefront guided technology” for correcting all imperfection of the eye. It analyses entire eye inside and out for a truly personalized treatment.
  • It is the only FDA approved treatment for presbyopia monovision correction in myopes.




Spces Removal Eye Hospital



Dr. V. K. Bansal

Managing Director
Consultant Lasik and General Ophthalmologist

He is Managing Director of “ Bansal Eye Hospital” (established since 1988) which is one of the Northern India’s premier Eye Care centre.He was the 1st in north India to start Lasik surgery way back in 1997 Also he was the first in the region to start latest most advanced “ Blade Free
Femtosecond Laser surgery.

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Dr. Mohit Bansal

Consultant Vitreo-Retina, Uvea and Phaco

Ex Consultant, Retina and Uvea (Sadguru Netralaya)
Completed his MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh
Obtained MS from prestigious PGI, Chandigarh
Did comprehensive Fellowship with special training in Vitreo- Retina Surgery and Uvea. He also went for advanced training in Retina and Uvea from Sankara Netralaya,Chennai.

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Dr. Ashish Bansal from Bansal Eye Hospital

Dr. Ashish Bansal

Consultant Cornea, Lasik and Phaco

MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh
Obtained MS from prestigious PGI, Chandigarh

He also did F.R.C.S from Royal college, Glasgow, London.He Did Superspeciality fellowship in Cornea, Ocular surface & Refractive surgery under renowned Dr SK Rao of the Sankara Netralaya, Chennai.

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Our Services

Cornea Transplant

A healthy cornea – the transparent, dome-shaped surface of your eye – is an essential component of sharp, clear vision. It accounts for a large part

C3R Treatment

Keratoconus is a common bilateral corneal condition, occurring in more than 1 in 1000 people. The condition typically starts in adolescence and early adulthood.

Lasik Surgery for Haryana govt empanelled (Cashless medical facility )


lasik surgery, or laser vision correction, involves the use of a laser to change the shape of the surface of the eye called the cornea.

Cataract Surgery Haryana govt empanelled ( Cashless medical facility


Cataract surgery (Hindi: Safed Motia or Motiabind) is age related clouding and increasing opacification of the natural lens of the eye causing blurring.

Diabetic Eye Disease

The retina lines the inside of the eye and acts rather like the film in a camera. The macula is the small central part of the retina that you use to see things clearly and is the part you are using now to read

Implantable Collamer Lens

LASIK Eye Surgery today is a safe and effective method of correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness for the vast majority of patients seeking Laser Vision Correction .


Glaucoma( kala motia) is complex disease of the eye involving irreversible damage to the optic nerve because of increased intraocular pressure. It is common after 5th decade of life.


Strabismus( Squint/ Teer/ Bhengapan) is a visual defect in which the eyes are misaligned and point in different directions. One eye may look straight ahead, while the other eye turns inward.


  The risk of developing diabetic retinopathy increases with the duration of diabetes, about 80% of people with diabetes of more than fifteen years

  Uncontrolled diabetes, fluctuating blood sugar levels, hypertension (high blood pressure), long duration of diabetes, high blood cholesterol and diabetic kidney, predispose a diabetic to develop changes in retina.

News & Events

  • Cornea Transplant facility is available.
  • Special Offer available for Senior citizens above 65 years Eye-health check up and surgical packages.
  • Newer Therapies available for Dry eyes Glaucoma patients.
  • Best Offers for Haryana Government Employees

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