Best Cataract Surgery In Srinagar

If you have cataract problem in your eye, your vision gets cloudy and Blur. These problems can make it difficult to read, work on a computer, and do anything else that calls for clear eyesight. Doctors may recommend Cataract surgery to remove the lens of your eye and change it with an artificial lens. Cataract surgery is safe and very common procedure now days. Your vision gets better and clearer after this Cataract surgery at Bansal Eye Hospital.

Best Eye Hospital In Srinagar

In recent times the medical tourism is getting developed day by day. It involves visiting various places, cities for treatment and surgery. Medical tourism is also growing in India. Due to the effective value of the standard treatments provided at Bansal Eye Hospital (BEH) Ambala, Srinagar local patients visited this hospital. Bansal Eye hospital is very well known for its advanced methods of Cataract surgery.

Bansal Eye Hospital has team of experts surgeons and they provide advanced treatments Like Cataract Surgery, Lasik Laser Surgery, Squint Surgery, cornea transplant, Diabetic retinopathy surgery, Glaucoma treatment, Idesign Refractive studio HDV2.0, etc. Our treatment center is very affordable. We have found highly rated medical institutions and World-class facilities in this field. This makes patients feel healthier and safer in our hospital.

Bansal Eye Hospital (BEH), Ambala, treats patients from completely different cities like Srinagar, Sonipat, Panipat, Chandigarh, and collectively from different major cities in Haryana and neighboring regions such as the district, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu area, etc.

There is no doubt that you can find the best treatment in Srinagar such as Cataract Surgery, LASIK Surgery, Cornea Transplant, Diabetic retinopathy Surgery and Treatment, Squint Surgery, / Unusual Condition / Lazy Eye Correction, and Treatment of Chronic Diseases. We tend to believe in providing quality medical care, appropriate services, and timely and continuous improvement in its facilities to provide the best possible care for patients.

Eye Treatment and Surgery Testimonials from Srinagar

Jay Jat Srinagar

Hello, I am from Srinagar. I got my cataract surgery done at Bansal Eye Hospital Ambala, and it was a great experience Doctors are highly professional and experienced surgeon. My cataract surgery was smooth, trouble-free and post-surgery advisory, though little extra cautious, helped me restoring my eyesight to perfect level. I would be glad to impart my experience to anyone who needs this medical procedure done.

Ashish Sharma Srinagar

I was determined to have a defect of the cornea for which I moved toward Bansal eye Hospital. I was amazed to see the expert environment, directly from the front work area to the topmost specialists; all are an example of professionalism. The whole cycle is so smooth and well managed. Overall my Cornea Transplant experience was excellent . I will definitely recommend this Bansal eye hospital to everyone. It is one of the best eye Hospitals in India.

Simmi Birajdar Srinagar

I got my eye laser from Dr. Ashish Bansal and in general experience surpasses my expectations. It was one of my life's most vital things and I trust Bansal's eye hospital with it. It has been 1 month since I have done Lasik surgery and I'm completely happy. The best thing about this eye Hospital is that every one of the specialists is a master in the work they do. yet additionally the treatment of Lasik surgery they give is ideal to your advantage. Besides this treatments are very cost-effective.

About Bansal Hospital

Bansal Eye Hospital always provides the advanced eye care treatment to its patients. It is our urge for offering best medical service that Bansal Eye Hospital has made a lot of progress, adding new technology in the ever expanding field of Ophthalmology. Bansal Eye Hospital provides advanced diagnostic and world class services in all aspects of Ophthalmology under one roof. Whether it is Cataract Surgery, Lasik Laser Surgery, Squint Surgery, cornea transplant, Diabetic retinopathy surgery, Glaucoma treatment, etc. We have always satisfied our patients with the latest and advanced eye care treatments for maximum advantage of the patient. We have our group of experienced & expert ophthalmologists. Our patients are assured of better & predictable visual outcomes with safety

Bansal Eye Hospital was set up in 1988. Delivering the most recent innovation and complete eye care services at a reasonable expense is our sole reason. Bansal Eye Hospital is well known in the field of refractive (LASIK) and cataract surgery inside the locale. It is the most established in Haryana and its nearby areas.

We work with various government health plans and organizations schemes to guarantee that our patients get the care they need at reasonable costs. Our accreditations by Indian and global associations exhibit our obligation to safe clinical practices with the objective of positive results for every one of our patients.

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