Contoura Vision vs IDesign

Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision vs iDesign 2.0 Refractive Studio- Which one is better?
HD Vision Lasik iDesign 2.0 Refractive Studio- Best Technology for Eye Surgery, Specs Removal

CONTOURA Vision ( Topography Guided Lasik) = Specs Power + Corneal Irregularities + Visual Axis Treatment

What is CONTOURA Vision?

Contoura Is a Popular Technology for specs removal which use Topography Guided Lasik laser in which Corneal Irregularities are corrected along with Specs power leading to Customised clearer Vision . This Technology got launched and FDA Approval in 2015.

Contoura Vision, is the latest advancement in specs removal which correct imperfections in the Eye/ cornea in addition to correcting specs power, resulting in a 30-40% sharper vision, which is not possible with any of the other LASIK or Smile procedure.

In addition to correcting your specs power, it also corrects your corneal irregularities and works on your visual axis, thereby giving supervision beyond 6/6 not possible in any other laser procedure like lasik or smile.

IDesign Refractive Studio uses FIRST time introduced Topography plus Wavefront Guided Technology which corrects Both Outer CORNEAL ( Topo guided) plus Inner ( wavefront guided) irregularities.

Each Human eye is a Unique combination of Both Outer and Inner Irregularities ( Aberrations) like our finger prints are unique , so IDESIGN Refractive Studio guided HDV2.0 is Advanced form of Contoura Vision as it has additional features.

Idesign Refractive Studio from Johnson n Johnson Vision USA got launched and FDA approved in 2019 and is the most Advanced and latest treatment for SPECTACLES removal with highest level of Customisation

Why is iDesign Refractive Studio Technology Better Than Contoura ?

Contoura Vision Is “Topography guided” LASIK, but iDesign Refractive Studio Technology is the only system in the world to use “combination of Topo integrated and wavefront guided technology ” for correcting all imperfection of the eye. It analyses entire eye inside and out for a truly personalized treatment.

Another first for this technology is that it is the only FDA approved treatment for presbyopia monovision correction in myopes.

It is the only technology with customized vision to use IRIS registration software for compensating for eye rotation in supine position during surgery. Only  than the imperfections which are recorded can be treated in most accurate manner and giving sharpest possible vision in every patient

This is most tissue saving customized technology available which leads to treatment of high numbers with more safety It is 25 times more precise than other systems by collecting thousands of points from corneal (outer) and  other ocular (internal) structures of eye.
How iDesign Refractive Studio Technology Better Than Contoura?

Comparison Of – HDV 2.0 iDesign Refractive Studio Vs Contoura Vision Surgery 

HDV 2.0 IDesign Refractive Studio Specs Removal SurgeryContoura Vision Eye Surgery
Launched in June 2019Launched in Nov 2014
Topo and wavefront guidedOnly topo guided
All visual imperfections treated (corneal + inner ocular)Only corneal imperfections treated
Iris Registration technology for accurate and sharpest visionNo
Tissue Saving maximum (safest for high number)More tissue consumption
Visual axis treatmentVisual axis treatment
Computerised eye tracking during laser deliveryComputerised eye tracking during laser delivery
Fastest visual recoveryFastest visual recovery
Sharpest vision (beyond 20/20 possible)Sharpest vision (beyond 20/20 possible)
HD Vision Lasik iDesign 2.0 Refractive Studio- Best Technology for Eye Surgery, Specs Removal
Patient Review- Best Laser Surgery Technology Idesign HDV 2.0 Refractive Studio.

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