Best Eye Hospital In Patiala

Bansal Eye Hospital (BEH) is proud to say that till date we have completed thousands of eye related treatment and procedures successfully on patient from all over India and also on foreign nationals. These days many patients are looking out for best available treatments for eye diseases like Lasik laser Eye Surgery, Contoura Vision surgery, Cataract Eye Surgery, Glaucoma treatment, specs removal surgery, etc. and even if they have to travel to different city they are ready since they do not want to take any chances. cataract eye surgery in patiala is one of the most common elective surgeries available. This procedure is often recommended to those who are experiencing age-related vision difficulties,

Many patients have travelled from Patiala to Ambala for their eye treatments and eye surgeries. Patiala is not very far from Ambala, so patients do not mind visiting Bansal Eye Hospital and availing the best eye treatment in Haryana. Many patients who want to get their specs removal surgery done, prefer BEH hospital due to availability of advanced Contoura Vision treatment – the iDesign Refractive Studio technology, Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract Eye surgery, Glaucoma treatment, diabetic retinopathy surgery, Squint surgery/ strabismus treatment, etc. which are exclusively available at Bansal Hospital. The Bansal Eye Hospital is conducting glaucoma surgery in Patiala.

Bansal Eye Hospital (BEH) is a pioneer in eye care and has excelled in it, bringing services to a large number of eye patients. We have many success stories due to our continuous endeavor in providing latest state of art technology and best world class facilities. We provide unique clinical experience and cutting edge medical technology, and have set the bar for specs removal surgery by introducing iDesign Refractive Studio in North India.

Testimonials from Patiala

Nimrat Kaur Patiala

I am from Patiala but visited Bansal Eye Hospital in Ambala, since I wanted to remove my specs using the iDesign refractive studio technology which is the latest and best treatment available in India currently. I discussed all my doubts with doctor. Doctor was very supporting and answered most of my queries in first consultation. I fixed an appointment for my Lasik laser eye surgery and got surgery done the same day. Now even after 6 months I do not have any eye related problem.

Sam Khan Patiala

I got treated at Bansal eye hospital for Glaucoma treatment. My recent Glaucoma surgery in patiala was an incredibly positive experience thanks to Dr. Bansal and his professional and caring staff. I had some questions before surgery due to the fact that I only have vision in the eye that needed surgery. I now have perfect vision in that eye. Thanks to Dr Bansal. They guided me on what to expect on the day of surgery, how Glaucoma surgery will be done etc. I got operated the same day I visited.

Avneet Patiala

After many years of wearing specs, it is incredible to view the world free of specs or glasses. I had hoped for this magic and it was made possible by Dr Bansal and his excellent surgical skills. Thank you for the professional pre-operative and post-operative attention I received while in your care. You addressed all of my queries.Because of specs removal, I have sense of confidence in my personal and professional life. I would be happy to share my contoura vision surgery experience with anybody who needs this surgery done.

About Bansal Hospital

Bansal Eye Hospital is leading hospital for patient care, vision research and physician education. The hospitals State-of-The-Art Facility is oriented towards providing patient friendly care. Our renowned physicians and clinical team possess the clinical and surgical expertise to provide consultations and medical surgical care for complex ophthalmic problems.

Bansal Eye Hospital was started in 1988 will the sole aim to provide the latest technology and Comprehensive eye care services at a reasonable prices. It has been a premiere institute in the field of refractive (LASIK laser eye surgery) & cataract eye surgery in the region. It’s the oldest and the leading refractive hospital of Haryana and nearby states.

Eye services are comprehensive, and include Cataract eye surgery, Glaucoma treatment, LASIK laser eye surgery, Contoura vision surgery, Retinal Surgery and treatment, Squint / Strabismus / Lazy eyes repair and Surgery and management of chronic corneal diseases. A complete pre-operative and post-operative care, as well as patient education is provided.

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